Is there a fee for delivery?

No. Delivery is always free with a minimum donation of $50.00, or one eighth.

Do I need an appointment?

No. We strive to answer all calls wifirstn the hour, but exceptions do occur and can be avoided by making an appointment and locking in a certain time. Currently, our appointment system is just for your convenience so you can plan ahead, eliminate any wait, and have first priority, but call-ins are still always more than welcome.

Can I change my order once it arrives?

Yes. You may always choose to get less than you ordered, but remember we will have very limited stock beyond what you ask us to bring, so if you are unsure, it’s better to over order, than to under order. You are not responsible for paying for anything until we arrive, but you are committed to the $50.00 minimum purchase amount at all times. Juggling between two different strands? Our suggestion is to order both, and pick the one you like when we arrive.

How do I get referral medicine or discounts I'm entitled to?

If you are entitled to referral medicine, please remember that it may not be used to meet the $100.00 minimum. Please order your referral medicine along with your regular order, and you will not be charged for it on delivery. If you are not sure how much medicine you’re entitled to, please estimate, and we will look the exact amount up for you at your appointment. If you have been given a corresponding code for a discount, then it should be applied at checkout. If a code was not given, the discount will be given at the time of delivery. Patients may only use one discount per day and the $100.00 minimum must be met after said discount has been applied.

I created an account, and uploaded all documents, how long will it take before I can order and book?

If you created your account and uploaded all necessary documents, and it’s between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., you will normally be approved within the half hour. Patients who register after 9 p.m. or before 7 a.m., may have to wait up to 12 hours for approval. Once you have been approved, you’re free to order and book at your leisure.

What do first time patients get?

A FREE gram of private reserve stuffed into an all natural RAW cone, ready for you to spark. Second time patients get half off all edibles, and 4.20% off for a month if you review us on Weedmaps. We also have significant rewards for referals.