About Us

Higher Approach is a tight-knit, member-run collective founded with the belief that every American should
have safe, legal access to high quality marijuana and good service… simultaneously. At Higher Approach
we hold ourselves to a much higher standard of care than is typically found in the industry. Too often
patients are forced to accept questionable product, inefficient practices, unprofessional employees, and a
lackadaisical attitude towards timeliness with a grain of salt. We created Higher Approach to give patients
an alternative to the madness. No longer will you have to blindly order your medicine based on its name
or employee recommendation, because we have provided a detailed and up-to-date menu with pictures,
descriptions, and lab test results for all of our medicine. Our busyness will never affect your wait time. In
fact, there will be no wait at all. Our appointment making system only requires a day’s planning, and it
ensures that you keep more of your personal time and always know when we’re coming. Forgot to make
an appointment? No worries… we accept member call-ins 5 days a week, and our normal call-in wait time is an hour and a half. Our early
morning and evening hours were chosen to cater to the busy professional, and it is our goal to provide the
privacy, consistency, speed, and professionalism that their lifestyle demands. You will have the freedom
to access us 24-7 online, on your own schedule, not just during set business hours. In keeping with our
high quality philosophy, Higher Approach has chosen to concentrate on top shelf medicine (flowers and
concentrates) and edibles.