P.R. Da Purps


H.Seeds decided to create an extension to their 23 year old dark purple dank known simply as, Purps. Taking this beautiful colored grape flavored variety and crossing it with a very potent and pungent Afghani male is what created what we now call, “Da Purps”. This Indica dominant hybrid has a spicy, bold and earthy undertone that’s coupled with a very yummy grape candy flavor, which makes the overall terpene palette of “Da Purps” extremely distinct.


All medicine is stored at the ideal relative humidity, 62%. It will arrive freshly sealed in an airtight, Mylar bag equipped with a ziplock, allowing you to re-seal the bag after cutting it open.
For your convenience, an 8% mandatory California state tax has already been included in the price of every item listed on our menu.

Because of our shared belief in high quality, Higher Approach only carries edibles made by The Venice Cookie Company or one of their partners such as Humble Farms. The Venice Cookie Company specializes in small, compact edibles that can’t be judged by their size. This makes them discreet, fitting easily into pocket or purse, and less of a chore for the daily user to consume. We are all about fun, but responsible medicine should be discreet and potent! Their smaller size also means less resources wasted on packaging. The VCC’s personal service, attention to detail, and product potency is second to none, and we look forward to providing our patients with the best!

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